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Orgulhoso - small




The edition is closed...  Final copies of Orgulhoso will be offered either fully prepped and primed and/or painted.  Any remaining copies will be sold via MH$P.


Recoloso is officially SOLD OUT!!  Thank you to everyone who supported this piece!  (click here)




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I'm really loving getting into the sculptural aspect of equine art.  So, while I will still take on commission paintings of your horses, dogs and cats, my focus and goals for now will be the horse in 3D form.  My first resin cast offering has gone superbly well, and must thank everyone for their support of this piece.  It wouldn't have been possible without you!


Again, I would like to stress that this site is for your viewing pleasure and I do not take kindly to others stealing my copyrighted images.  Anyone caught stealing my images will not be let off lightly.  A word of warning.


Last updated 2/7/09.




(Text and more pictures below...)


Orgulhoso - dapple grey left front


Orgulhoso - gallant, lofty, majestic, proud (having or displaying great dignity or nobility).  This name aptly describes my latest piece, a traditional sized Portuguese Lusitano performing a brilliant passage.  This fellow was a very long time coming, having been started many, many years ago and set aside to languish as, at the time, I didn't feel I had the skill to do him justice.  After the success of Recoloso, I decided it was time to resurrect him out of the "to-do" box and finish him.  Having been started so long ago, and having gained valuable insight sculpting Recoloso, I discovered many things that needed correcting, which were done, resulting in a superb representation of a Lusitano stallion.  Orgulhoso is structurally very correct, having accurate conformation for his breed and properly placed and defined muscling.  Just look at those rippling shoulders!    He features:


     Wrinkles in all the right places (and they're not overdone!!)

     Wrinkling between the nostrils and on the upper lip and chin

     A correctly braided forelock and mane

     Properly placed and sized chestnuts

     Correctly placed and sized veining

     He even has teeth (they don't show in the pics, but they're there!)

     Plus, he's very tack friendly!!


My photos don't do him the justice he deserves, but if you like what you see here, I know you'd like what you see even better in person (I've heard this about Recoloso as well).  He definitely has an air of nobility about him and should more than hold his own in any Spanish breed class.  His base is removable for easy transport to and from shows and he stands extremely stable.  In fact, before making the base and inserting the pins in the two hooves, on a level table he would stand very steady in a perfect two point stance.


UPDATE as of 2/7/09.  Since there hasn't been too much interest in this fine fellow, I have closed the edition and will only be offering him either fully prepped and primed, and/or painted through MH$P.  For those who have purchased one (or more), I thank you for your support of this piece.  For those who were thinking about it, well, you're out of luck!!  I'm not sure exactly what the final count is at the moment, but it appears there will be less than 30 made, including the ones I'm retaining for myself.  To see pictures of painted pieces, please see the Orgulhoso Gallery.


Click on any of the captions or pictures to see larger views of him.



Orgulhoso - right head


Orgulhoso - right front



Orgulhoso - right

Orgulhoso - right head   Orgulhoso - right front   Orgulhoso - right

Orgulhoso - right hind



Orgulhoso - left hind



Orgulhoso - left

Orgulhoso - right hind   Orgulhoso - left hind   Orgulhoso - left

Orgulhoso - left head



    Orgulhoso - left head    


Ordering information:


Size of the edition:  Probably less than 30 pieces, with three or four retained by the artist.


Price:  Edition closed.  Any remaining pieces will be sold through MH$P.


Payment:  Postal Money Orders or non-CC Paypal (Paypal ID  No personal checks will be accepted.  Foreign orders must be paid via Paypal on verified accounts only. 


If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to know how or where to send an order, please don't hesitate to contact me at (to copy the email address, click "Edit" in the browser bar and then select "copy" -- don't know why one can't right click!) and I'll get back to you ASAP. 


Any questions, problems or comments, please write to us using the email on the "Contact" page.  Thank you!


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